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Are you tablet ready?

This chart compares iPad sales to PC sales.
In the fourth quarter of 2011, Apple's tablet outsold all major PC manufacturers.

No, I’m not asking if you’re ready to wait in line for the new iPad. I’m wondering if you’re taking seriously the importance of the tablet as a key device.

Perhaps you have to rethink your product and design “tablet first”. Perhaps it helps your business or hurts it.

No matter what the impact to your business is, you should take it seriously. The tablet is not going anywhere.

Objective-C and Windows

This is how your desktop will look like

Since the introduction of the iPhone SDK, many programmers, professional or amateur, want to learn Objective-C. Unless you already have a Mac, it will be difficult for you to start.

I wrote a quick e-How article to guide you through the process of installing the right software and reading the right resources to start learning Objective-C on Windows. It is available here.