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Farmville animals

Farmville animals: cute but not very productive
Farmville animals: cute but not very productive

A lot has happened since my last post. I have a lot to thank to Lisa Chan, Zynga’s blogger, who featured it.

I’ll cover the impact it had in my personal life in a later post. Today,  let’s figure out the economics of animals on Farmville.

Are they there just to look pretty? Should I sell them, ignore them, buy more?

We’ll work with the same assumptions we used for the treeconomics:

  • Investment period and residual value: the animal is sold for its residual value after 90 days.
  • Discount rate: to simplify I’ll do a comparison of investments.
  • Available investments:  at this point only the cow, chicken and sheep are available to purchase.

First we’ll compare the animals among themselves to see which one has the highest daily revenue:

Cost Revenue/Harvest Days to Harvest Daily Revenue Daily Rev/ Invested $ Days to Payback
Sheep $700.0 $28.0 3 $9.33 1.33% 75
Chicken $400.0 $8.0 1 $8.00 2.00% 50
Cow $300.0 $6.0 1 $6.00 2.00% 50

Not surprisingly the sheep wins.  On “bang per buck” (or ROI) both the chicken and cow look better though.

Let’s compare a 90 day investment in a square full of sheeps with some crops and trees. Don’t let cartoon logic fool you, you can actually fit 16 sheeps or chicken in a single Farmville square. Only 4 cows though.

Daily Profit Total Profit Initial investment Residual Value Profit
Date tree square $368.0 $33,120.0 $12,800.0 $640.0 $20,960.0
Tomatoes $174.0 $15,660.0 $15,660.0
Raspberries $132.0 $11,880.0 $11,880.0
Chicken square $128.0 $11,520.0 $6,400.0 $320.0 $5,440.0
Sheep square $149.3 $13,440.0 $11,200.0 $560.0 $2,800.0
Cow square $24.0 $2,160.0 $1,200.0 $60.0 $1,020.0

It seems that animals are not a great investment. It turns out that the best among them is a chicken square, given that the cost is much lower than a sheep square. However, it is still lower than, for example, pineapples.

Animals in Farmville will earn you badges but won’t make you rich. They also make a beautiful gift for your friends.