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Figure out how to monetize mobile

KPCB‘s Mary Meeker did a terrific presentation at D10 last week. You can go over the deck yourself, it’s available below.

I’ll point out some of the highlights:

  • 1.1B Global Mobile 3G Subscribers, 37% Growth, Q4 – @ Only 18% of Mobile Subscribers. Impressive 29% of USA Adults Own Tablet / eReader,Up from 2% Less Than Three Years Ago. Despite Tremendous Ramp So Far,Smartphone User Adoption Has Huge Upside.
  • Global Mobile Traffic Growing Rapidly to 10% of Internet Traffic
  • Rapidly Growing Mobile Internet Usage SurpassedMore Highly Monetized Desktop Internet Usage in May, 2012, in India
  • eCPMs 5x Lower on Mobile than Desktop
  • ARPU (Average Revenue per User) 1.7-5x Lower on Mobile than Desktop

It seems that monetizing mobile went from being an opportunity to a necessity for survival.

KPCB Internet Trends 2012 by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Still not tablet ready?

A month ago I published a post on the iPad outselling all major PC manufacturers. This week Forrester published a study that makes it clear that tablets are also changing user behavior; disrupting print and online media, music and gaming.

Device convergence is nothing new, but for many the device of choice is still mobile phones. The richer UX that tablets provide enables more complex and longer experiences, that can be monetized better.

This chart shows the results of a survey among U.S. tablet owners regarding changes in their media and device use since they own a tablet.

The iPhone apps VCs want to see

I just came back from the iPhoneDevCamp where Chi-Hua Chien, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Stanford GSB alumn,  was the Friday keynote speaker.

Chi-Hua is actively involved in the iFund, KPCB’s $100 million iPhone investment fund.

Chi-Hua first gave a quick overview of how the iFund came to be and how it is going today.

I found particularly interesting  where they think the big iPhone hits will come from, the big ideas:

  • Mobile commerce
  • Real time everywhere and anywhere
  • Local search
  • Healthcare
  • Augmented Reality
  • Real-world gaming

Chi-Hua was quite disappointed by the fact that most of the current top apps fail at the three criteria he values most:

  • innovation
  • value creation
  • significance

These criteria and the previous themes frame pretty well the iPhone apps VCs want to see. Unfortunately, right now the top free app is probably the opposite: Do Not Press the Red Button. The market (and hopefully some intervention from Apple) will certainly correct this with time, just like it in the case of Facebook applications.

Update: the slides of his presentation are now available below:

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Will social video ever take off?

Last week my good friend and Stanford GSB classmate Diego Feldberg started twittideo, a vlog that he references via twitter, as soon as he got his iPhone 3GS. This reminded me of the recent discussion regarding online social video and I  just wanted to add my 2 cents with this post.

12seconds.tv recent growth according to Quantcast. It seems quite clear that there is growth.
12seconds.tv recent traffic growth according to Quantcast

Last month Loic Le Meur announced that Seesmic would focus its efforts on its twitter desktop client because their video side was not growing fast enough. 12seconds.tv replied that growth does exist but that conversations happen on twitter: “Twitter is the platform – video is a big part of it”.
While I totally understand Loic’s decision of refocusing Seesmic, I don’t think social video is over. On the contrary, I believe it has not started, most probably because nobody has found the right formula yet.

Let’s quickly look at some recent facts:

Agreed, online video in general and social video in particular is a very challenging space. Apart from the high costs, it’s difficult to develop loyalty in consumers that don’t always have the required tools to post a video. However, like the 3GS YouTube upload increase proves, when they do have the tools, they are willing to experiment.

Perhaps the right model is not 12seconds.tv or Seesmic or some version of YouTube, but social video will happen. The key is that it will be consumers and not companies who will be dictating how and when social video happens. Companies have to be as open and responsive as possible with their services to let users do what they want and the way they want to. I can’t wait to see it happen.

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Objective-C and Windows

This is how your desktop will look like

Since the introduction of the iPhone SDK, many programmers, professional or amateur, want to learn Objective-C. Unless you already have a Mac, it will be difficult for you to start.

I wrote a quick e-How article to guide you through the process of installing the right software and reading the right resources to start learning Objective-C on Windows. It is available here.

TapDefense – Casual Game Informer Interview

The Tapdefense icon. All you need to press before time flies by.
The TapDefense icon. All you need to tap before time flies by.

Just published a new interview on Casual Game Informer:

TapDefense from Tapjoy has been one of the most successful casual games for the iPhone. Ben Lewis and Lee Linden, the creators of the tower defense hit carved out some time to talk to Casual Game Informer.”

You can read the rest here. Let me know what you think.