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Social features blur the line between casual and hardcore gaming


My Xbox Live avatar. Does it look like a hardcore gamer to you? Not really.
Does my Xbox Live avatar look like a hardcore gamer to you? Not really.

Some years ago you either loved video games and spent hours playing on your console or you just played Snake on your phone. Now the line that divides casual gamers from hardcore gamers is blurring, and social features are to blame.

Or thank.

Wikipedia still has these entries:

Casual gamer: The casual gamer is a person who plays games designed for ease of gameplay (such as Tetris) and doesn’t spend much time playing more involved games.

Hardcore gamer: A person who spends much of their leisure time playing games. As a consequence of the large amount of time spent, these gamers often become very proficient at playing games, and play their games to the fullest potential, playing games online is also a big part of being a hardcore gamer.

But things are changing:

Most of these changes are happening because we really enjoy sharing our gaming experiences and companies are starting to understand how to make money from casual games.

Will both casual and hardcore gaming disappear in favor of a unique category, social gaming?


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