Thank you Zynga

Zynga LogoAfter almost four years at Zynga, I’ve decided to make a significant personal change and leave the social gaming industry.

Thanks to my managers Steve Parkis, Cadir Lee, John Osvald and Roy Sehgal for their guidance and support during these years. Thanks to all my incredibly talented colleagues who made every day, even the challenging ones, enjoyable. Thanks to Mark Pincus for creating a company from a unique vision with meritocracy at its heart. I can’t think of a better company to have developed my career, it has been an amazing professional and personal experience. Thank you.


  1. SP

    Pablo – calling me your manager is gracious as I consider you one of the foremost mentors and colleagues I’ve had in my career. You will truly be missed, but I’m thrilled to see you leave to pursue your personal passions. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you, Ale or the girls. Your friend, Steve

  2. Chris H

    Pablo — You’re an amazing leader, product guy, and manager. It was a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to seeing what you end up doing next!

  3. Sam

    Thank you, Pablo, for the things I’ve learned from our discussions, and the things I’ve learned from observing how you handle situations. And thanks for trying to make the world a better place.