Will social video ever take off?

Last week my good friend and Stanford GSB classmate Diego Feldberg started twittideo, a vlog that he references via twitter, as soon as he got his iPhone 3GS. This reminded me of the recent discussion regarding online social video and I  just wanted to add my 2 cents with this post.

12seconds.tv recent growth according to Quantcast. It seems quite clear that there is growth.
12seconds.tv recent traffic growth according to Quantcast

Last month Loic Le Meur announced that Seesmic would focus its efforts on its twitter desktop client because their video side was not growing fast enough. 12seconds.tv replied that growth does exist but that conversations happen on twitter: “Twitter is the platform – video is a big part of it”.
While I totally understand Loic’s decision of refocusing Seesmic, I don’t think social video is over. On the contrary, I believe it has not started, most probably because nobody has found the right formula yet.

Let’s quickly look at some recent facts:

Agreed, online video in general and social video in particular is a very challenging space. Apart from the high costs, it’s difficult to develop loyalty in consumers that don’t always have the required tools to post a video. However, like the 3GS YouTube upload increase proves, when they do have the tools, they are willing to experiment.

Perhaps the right model is not 12seconds.tv or Seesmic or some version of YouTube, but social video will happen. The key is that it will be consumers and not companies who will be dictating how and when social video happens. Companies have to be as open and responsive as possible with their services to let users do what they want and the way they want to. I can’t wait to see it happen.

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  1. Andrew Warner

    I think the iPhone might make video more popular. I do video interviews on my site. Editing and uploading each one takes forever. I don’t think most people would put up with that. But the iPhone can make it dead easy for them.

  2. Márcia

    I really liked your post. You seem to be so well versed in the subject and I, so lay. Anyway, I think that the future (how long will depend on the development of each country and the economic situation of the people) will consist mainly in a world without wires, with videos (so yes, social video will happen) and increasingly connected.
    Also, the merger of diffentes technologies such as TV, telephone, Internet and others (opps, this is the present ! :)