Objective-C and Windows

This is how your desktop will look like

Since the introduction of the iPhone SDK, many programmers, professional or amateur, want to learn Objective-C. Unless you already have a Mac, it will be difficult for you to start.

I wrote a quick e-How article to guide you through the process of installing the right software and reading the right resources to start learning Objective-C on Windows. It is available here.


  1. Chris Weed

    objective-c on windows…that’s crazy.
    FYI, I you can build Objective-C code with bjam/boost-build, the boost build tool. I don’t think my patches to fix the import dependency checks are high on their to-do list, though. :(

    • ppaniagua

      Thanks for the comments Chris. It is crazy :)
      This should be good as an introduction, but if anybody is serious about objective-c they will obviously get a mac.

      I looked into Objective-C in Eclipse and it seems that one can code but the debugging, browsing etc. won’t happen.

  2. Chris Weed

    I’ve never heard of GNUStep, but I am wondering if eclipse supports Objective-C… I like the line from the GNUStep website about “GNUstep is used in production environments at several organizations…” Which ones? I guess we’ll never know.